1.301 RSR

1.301 RSR

Brass Spray Ring


The RSR Red Brass Spray Ring produces a circular spray patterns using a series of adjustable clear stream precision jets. The ring  is of schedule 40 brass and copper construction, machined brass clear stream jets (adjustable to 15 deg. off vertical in a 360 deg. cone), inlets, flush plugs, connecting hose & clamps, connecting hose & clamps, adjustable support legs with leg couplings, and vinyl foot protection caps, factory set for a 16″ water depth. Fine screening at the pump is recommended to minimize nozzle clogging.
NOTE: Ring diameters 8′ and larger shipped in sections, for on-site assembly with hose and clamps provided.

Spray ring typically utilizes RPJ-187 Clear Stream Jets with 1/2″ thread.

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