1.106 RBN-S

1.106 RBN-S

Bubbler Nozzle, Short Style

RBN-S Bubbler Nozzle-Short Style

The RBN-S Bubbler Nozzle (Short Style) produces a mound of aerated water for small to medium displays. This nozzle is of cast bronze construction; integral swivel feature,  with 1″ (F) N.P.T. threaded connection.  This is a water level dependent nozzle that can be applied as a central or accent feature. The RBN-S must be submerged 3″ in order to perform optimally.  A wave suppression device (see RWD-B Brass Wave Dampener Series) may be required in small circular pools or confined spaces.

Recommended Accessories:  RWS-L Slab Penetration Fitting (Long Style) and RWS-S Slab Penetration Fitting (Short Style) 

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