6.502 RAVS-1200-F

6.502 RAVS-1200-F

RAVS-1200-F Anti-Vortex Plate and Sump Assembly

The RAVS-1200-F 12″ sq. Anti-Vortex Plate and Sump Assembly is designed for use in fountains and reflecting pools using remote pumping systems.  It provides a pre-fabricated mechanism for returning water from pool to pump, eliminating vortexing, and promoting efficient re-circulation. The RAVS-1200-F is constructed of a heavy duty FRP sump with an integral waterstop flange,  a 3″  (slip) side and 2″ bottom (slip) connections.  The 2″ internal connection is provided with a 2″ threaded male plug. Additionally, the unit features a 3/16″ thick brass plate.


  • Maximum Flow Rate:  120 GPM @ 16″ water depth
  • If the device is the sole suction source for the re-circulation system, use two (2) minimum to lessen the potential risk of entrapment.

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