1.207 RSN-A

1.207 RSN-A

Adjustable Smoothbore Nozzle

RSN-A Smooth Bore Nozzle Series






The RSN-A Series Adjustable Smooth Bore Nozzle is of machined cast bronze construction with  adjustable alignment swivel base that allows a 15 degree adjustment from vertical in a 360 degree cone. The RSN-A features a (F) N.P.T connection.  This nozzle produces a clear stream of water with minimal distortion when operating within flow rates specified, and is available in five (5) sizes.  The nozzle is available in sizes ranging from 1″ to 4″.  Screening at half the orifice size is recommended to minimize nozzle clogging.

Recommended Accessories: RWS-L Slab Penetration Fitting (Long Style) and RWS-S Slab Penetration Fitting (Short Style)



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