3.301 RAVS-800-SS

3.301 RAVS-800-SS

RAVS-800-SS Anti-Vortex Plate & Sump Assembly, 8″

The RAVS-800-SS 8″ dia. Anti-Vortex Plate & Sump Assembly is designed for use in fountains and reflecting pools using remote pumping systems.  Used as primary suction fittings for filtration systems and smaller fountains, they provide a pre-fabricated mechanism for returning water from pool to pump, eliminating vortexing (drawing air into the pump) and promoting efficient circulation.    The RAVS-800-SS is a  heavy duty injection molded ABS sump and integral waterstop flange with 2″ (F) N.P.T. side and bottom connections with PVC male threaded plug for unused connection. It features an 8″ diameter stainless-steel anti-vortex plate, stainless-steel spacers and Allen head type Stainless Steel vandal resistant safety fasteners. Please refer to the cut sheet for additional data and safety notice.

Note:  If this is the primary suction force for the recirculation system, use two (2) units minimum, to lessen risk of suction entrapment.

Brass plate available upon request; longer lead times apply.

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