1.108 RNA

1.108 RNA

Water Level Independent Aerating Nozzle

RNA Series Aerating Nozzle













The RNA Series Water Level Independent Aerating Nozzle produces an aerated column of water without relying on a specific water level.  It is  constructed of copper and brass with Natural finish and a (F) N.P.T. connection. The RNA is available in five (5) sizes ranging from 1″ to 3″.  Please refer to the cut sheet for technical and hydraulic data as well as optimum operating water level.  Fine screening at the pump is recommended to minimize nozzle clogging.

Recommended Accessories: RWS-L Slab Penetration Fitting (Long Style)RWS-S Slab Penetration Fitting (Short Style), and RSA Series Bronze Swivel Assembly (15 degrees).

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